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FURY Combat NYC Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Gravesend, Coney Island

Fury Combat Brooklyn’s #1 Mixed Martial Arts Training

Welcome to Fury Combat, Brooklyn’s Premier Mixed-Martial Arts School located in Brighton Beach. Developed by Grandmaster David Furie, the Fury System is an innovative blend of ancient fighting knowledge and modern-day strategic tactics. Created for the purposes of self-defense, self-empowerment, and combat training, the Fury System can show you how to develop your mind, body, and spirit to the greatest of your abilities. Dr. David Furie, 10th Dan, MMA fighter, former Special Forces Operative, and Grandmaster has put together his years of training and expertise in order to create the most effective fighting style for todays world. By focusing on how to use the individual as an instrument of power, the Fury System shows how to use the body and one’s surroundings for maximum effectiveness and impact against an opponent. Outside the arena, the Fury System will help you develop into your highest, most powerful self through mental and psychological enhancement. Whether you’re looking to learn self-defense, extensive combat training, or gain greater emotional, physical, and mental strength and vitality, the Fury System can provide for your needs.

FURYCombatNYC Location

1424 Sheepshead Bay Rd,
3rd FL
Brooklyn, NY 11235

PHONE:  1-917-340-2911

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    Professor David Furie
    Professor of Martial Arts

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    Brooklyn's #1 Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense, Weapons and Tactics Training