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About FURY Combat


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The Evolution of Combat Martial Arts.
Fury: The System: This superior combat fighting and contact martial art were developed by Grandmaster Dr. David Furie. Grandmaster Dr. David Furie is a 10thDan and retired Special Forces Operative. He is a world champion fighter and an International Combat Martial Arts Master. He is also the eighth generation soldier/warrior in his family.

The world is changing quickly–and with it, so is our fighting style. This is why Grandmaster Dr. David Furie set out to create a new system of fighting. A system modern enough for today’s modern fighter. More and more people are learning the once highly secretive martial arts. Even more, people have been exposed to numerous examples, techniques, and ideas from the Internet and popular films. Crime movies and spy thrillers are plentiful. In addition, people tend to be more aggressive and less patient in today’s world. Because of this, today’s fighter needs to be adaptable and modern, not only historical or ancient.

They need to learn the Fury system.
Today’s fighter needs to be prepared. They need to know more truth than the average person. What happens if someone attacks you or your family, whether they are unarmed or armed? What if the attacker knows martial arts himself? What if there are multiple attackers? What if you are wounded?

Fury will teach you how to defend yourself against any attacker(s), in any situation. How to hit against different parts of your attacker’s anatomy hard, fast and directly, with strikes that will cause distinct and hard paralysis to the human body. Save yourself and your family from any possible attacks, including streetfights or simple aggression. Just because it “might” not happen doesn’t mean it won’t. Be prepared if you ever find yourself in a situation when it comes your way. Fury combat is a form of mixed martial arts which is used on a professional as well as amateur level.

Fury will help you develop almost superhuman skills, and will teach you techniques that have never been used before. Fury will train you not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Why Choose Fury Combat?
The Fury School will prepare you. Get real training with both hand-to-hand combat training and weapons-based fighting to help make you a superior warrior, ready not just to fight—but to survive any attack. All real-life situations. The first focus is self-defense, then combat.

It will also improve your emotional resilience and overall health, as well as help you combat not only external obstacles and enemies but internal adversaries as well such as stress and low self-confidence.

Fury is the most advanced, practical hand-to-hand and combat self-defense fighting in the world.

The System:
Fighting is an art that is built around a philosophy and a purpose. The Fury System, developed by Grandmaster David Furie, is art for the modern age. By creating a system based on today’s environment and modern-day enemy tactics, the Fury System teaches you how to maneuver and manipulate your surroundings to your advantage, turning everyday objects into deadly weapons. By focusing on hand-to-hand combat, combined with enhanced mental acuity and learned self-discipline, the Fury System can teach you how to evolve towards your most powerful self.

The Fury philosophy is a unique combination of ancient naturalism and modern-day reflection. Based off the yin-yang dynamic of balance and peace, the Fury System philosophy is founded on the Wind/Spirit relationship.

FU – Wind (Masculine Element)

The power of wind is motivation, hard work, and discipline.

RY – Spirit (Feminine Element)

The power of Spirit comes from the heart, inner ambitions and the love for what one does.

The Fury System serves many purposes, existing as a self-defense system, empowerment and self-improvement, and for combat. In order to truly develop, one must sharpen their senses, gaining an awareness of the self from inside out. Knowing your strengths as well as weaknesses teaches you how to recognize and create your own advantages in any fight.

As with all fighting styles, the Fury System can also help you build physical fitness, improve your overall health and emotional well-being, and make you feel strong, powerful, and capable. It will increase your motivation, harden your resolve, and lighten your mood. It all starts with you. Learning the Fury System requires commitment, discipline, and effort. However, the commitment is an investment in yourself, your overall health, and your ability to protect and defend yourself against any obstacle. Are you worth it?


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