About the FURY System

The FURY Self Defense System

Fighting is an art that is built around a philosophy and a purpose. The Fury System, developed by Grandmaster David Furie, is art for the modern age. By creating a system based on today’s environment and modern-day enemy tactics, the Fury System teaches you how to maneuver and manipulate your surroundings to your advantage, turning everyday objects into deadly weapons. By focusing on hand-to-hand combat, combined with enhanced mental acuity and learned self-discipline, the Fury System can teach you how to evolve towards your most powerful self.

The Fury philosophy is a unique combination of ancient naturalism and modern-day reflection. Based off the yin-yang dynamic of balance and peace, the Fury System philosophy is founded on the Wind/Spirit relationship.

FU – Wind (Masculine Element)

The power of wind is motivation, hard work, and discipline.

RY – Spirit (Feminine Element)

The power of Spirit comes from the heart, inner ambitions and the love for what one does.

The Fury System serves many purposes, existing as a self-defense system, empowerment and self-improvement, and for combat. In order to truly develop, one must sharpen their senses, gaining an awareness of the self from inside out. Knowing your strengths as well as weaknesses teaches you how to recognize and create your own advantages in any fight.

As with all fighting styles, the Fury System can also help you build physical fitness, improve your overall health and emotional well-being, and make you feel strong, powerful, and capable. It will increase your motivation, harden your resolve, and lighten your mood. It all starts with you. Learning the Fury System requires commitment, discipline, and effort. However, the commitment is an investment in yourself, your overall health, and your ability to protect and defend yourself against any obstacle. Are you worth it?


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