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Choosing a style of martial art to learn is a complex decision which you should put a lot of thought into before making a final choice. One of the most popular, and effective, fighting styles is Jujitsu. This fighting style is perfect for both direct combat and self defense. Learning Jujitsu in Brooklyn will require the skilled teacher of an expert like Grandmaster Dr. David Furie here at Fury Combat. Dr. Furie and his team can train you whether you are an experienced fighter looking to add Jujitsu to your skill set or you’ve never had any martial arts training before.

If you’re not sure if learning Jujitsu in Brooklyn is right for you, give us a call and we can discuss all your options. You can even attend one Jujitsu class to see if it is the right choice for you before making your final decision. Learning a little bit about the history and style of Jujitsu is also an important part of the decision process so take a moment to read through this brief summary about what Jujitsu is.

History of Jujitsu in Brooklyn

Jujitsu is one of the most popular of the Japanese martial art styles and is primarily focused on close combat used to defend oneself against an attacker who is armed or physically stronger than the defender. There are many different forms of Jujitsu which can focus on different specific aspects of the combat, but they are all similar in the general style of fighting.

Jujitsu can be traced back as far as 1532 in Japan where it was founded and developed by a military tactician, Takenouchi Hisamori. He combined a variety of different Japanese martial art fighting styles into a new form which was ideal for battlefield close combat. Today Jujitsu in Brooklyn is primarily used as a self defense fighting technique due to the great flexibility it offers and the fact that it is designed specifically for close combat with an armed aggressor.

Why Choose Jujitsu in Brooklyn

There are many great benefits to choosing Jujitsu over other fighting techniques. The fact that it is an effective self defense style makes it very desirable to many people. Since Jujitsu is designed specifically for close combat, and especially combat against an armed or stronger aggressor it is perfect for real world situations. Things like bar fights, home invasions or being mugged are real threats to individuals and being trained in Jujitsu in Brooklyn will give you the skills necessary to stay safe in dangerous situations.

Learning Jujitsu in Brooklyn is also an excellent option for the physical and mental benefits you experience during your training. Many people appreciate the physical exercitation required while being trained in this art. It can be used not only as a fighting technique, but as an effective exercise routine to help keep you in shape. Jujitsu also requires mental discipline and concentration which can then be used in all areas of life. Those who have mastered the art of Jujitsu will find themselves prepared for virtually


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