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Mixed martial arts has really become a household term today because of the growing popularity of fighting leagues like UFC and others. The fact is, however, that mixed martial arts fighting has been an excellent form of self defense, exercise and combat for thousands of years. If you’re interested in learning mixed martial arts in Brooklyn you’ll want to come to Fury Combat. You’ll learn under Grandmaster Dr. David Furie who is a 10th Dan (the highest ranking on the Japanese scale) and retired Special Forces operative.

David is also a world champion fighter and international combat martial arts master. At Fury Combat you can learn a wide range of different techniques including the new system of combat which was developed by David Furie himself to offer students an effective fighting style which is effective in virtually all combat situations from general self defense to fighting in an officially sanctioned mixed martial arts bout.

What is Mixed Martial Arts in Brooklyn

Mixed martial arts is a fighting sport which permits combatants to use striking (both punching and kicking) as well as grappling techniques. You can fight either standing up or on the ground and combat continues until someone is knocked out, the referee ends the match, one combatant taps out (gives up) or the match ends due to time. There are many leagues which offer mixed martial arts in Brooklyn and around the world including the Ultimate Fighting Championship which is the largest of these.

In a broader sense, however, mixed martial arts is any form of fighting, whether officially sanctioned or not, where a variety of different martial arts styles are employed. Many fighters will specialize in one or two different styles which they can then adapt based on their opponent. The best known strategies include the following:

Sprawl-and-Brawl – Individuals employing this strategy will try to keep both fighters on their feet. Using boxing and kickboxing attacks combined with a variety of skills used to avoid being taken down to the ground or put in a submission hold.

Clinch Fighting – Clinch fighting is when a fighter attempts to keep their opponent held close to avoid being attacked with strikes. While in hold the fighter can attempt to force their opponent to submit or use their fists, elbows, knees and feet to strike them.

Ground-and-Pound – This method of fighting involves getting your opponent to the ground and grappling with them, putting them in submission holds and using hard strikes to dominate the opponent.
Submission Grappling – This style is also primarily done from the ground and is focused on forcing your opponent to submit.
Classes for Mixed Martial Arts in Brooklyn
Each of the strategies mentioned above can be effective options when fighting in official MMA bouts. We’ll work with you to find which area you are strongest in and help develop you as a well rounded fighter. Whether it is your goal to become a professional fighter or you simply want to be a stronger all around fighter, there is nothing that is more effective than classes in mixed martial arts in Brooklyn.


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