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If you’re looking for a place to learn Ninjutsu in Brooklyn you’ve likely found that there aren’t many places that can properly teach this in depth and demanding fighting technique. It requires training in multiple different fighting tactics using a wide range of different attacks with your hands, feet and even weapons. Here at Fury Combat we have the necessary training, experience and discipline required to teach this ancient fighting style properly. Dr. David Furie, the owner of Fury Combat, is a Grandmaster, retired Special Forces Operative and 10th level Dan.

As an International Combat Martial Arts Master, Dr. David Furie has created a new system of fighting which allows students of this discipline to defend themselves from attack in virtually any situation. Grandmaster David Furie is also an expert in the ancient art of Ninjutsu which has been one of the most effective fighting techniques for over 500 years.

Becoming a Master of Ninjutsu in Brooklyn

If you’re interested in becoming a master of Ninjutsu in Brooklyn you need to be taught by the best in the area, and there can be little doubt that Dr. David Furie is the best. He and his team of highly trained and experienced Ninjutsu masters will pass on their decades of experience to you during your classes. Ninjutsu is a fighting style that incorporates a wide range of different skills including hand to hand combat, defensive moves and even the use of weapons.

It is the ideal fighting technique for professional law enforcement agents, security guards, bouncers, counter terrorism agents, police and anyone else who is likely to get into an altercation. Unlike most other martial art forms, Ninjutsu trains individuals on how to fight not just with their hands, but also with a wide range of weapons. The combination of ancient fighting techniques dating over 1000 years old with the use of weapons like swords, knives and even everyday objects you might find laying around like rocks makes this an extremely effective fighting style.

Training Your Mind and Body through Ninjutsu in Brooklyn
Ninjutsu requires that you not only have a strong body, but also a sharp mind which is why your training will help you train both your mind and body. Through your training you will not only strengthen your muscles to become more powerful, but also teach them to strike quickly and accurately when needed. The ‘muscle memory’ associated with learning Ninjutsu in Brooklyn will help you avoid freezing up in the event that you’re attacked.

All students of Ninjutsu in Brooklyn find that in addition to all the physical benefits of learning this fighting technique, their mind also receives many benefits. Having the discipline required to become an expert in Ninjutsu will also help sharpen your mind. Many people find that they are able to focus on tasks and process information more quickly because of the techniques learned in these classes. Ninjutsu is truly a technique which fully incorporates the entire mind and body into one.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ninjutsu in Brooklyn please don’t hesitate to call us today to set up your first class. We can train people of virtually any age or skill level and we will help create a program which is challenging, yet attainable for you.

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